26 Nov 2014

Unrest In The Nation – Protests Continue [Video]

Civil unrest continues to spread throughout the country. This is the beginning of day three  since the release of the findings of the Grand Jury. Oakland, CA – police cars were vandalized, A car dealership’s windows were broken, as well as numerous other businesses. Trash was set on fire in

26 Nov 2014

Florida High School Entrepreneur Arrested for Pimping out Classmates

Venice, Florida, high school teens, a 15 year old boy and Alexa Nicole De Armas, 17, were arrested by Sarasota County Sheriff’s detectives last Friday.  Both were charged with human trafficking, also known as ‘pimping’. Not your typical job Teenage business men and women are often lauded for the maturity

25 Nov 2014

My Name is William G. Lillas, an 83 year old black man, born in America: OBSERVATIONS!

This was posted in the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children facebook group, and later deleted.  I am posting it here because I found this man’s message to be in keeping with my own thoughts about the events going on in Ferguson. It’s lengthy, but worth reading. See if you agree, and

25 Nov 2014

Eric Holder Weighs in on Ferguson

The Grand Jury in Ferguson has released their decision on the case of Officer Darren Wilson. No cause for an indictment  on all counts.  Word coming out of the Department of Justice, namely Attorney General Eric Holder, is “this is not over yet.” There may still be a Civil Rights case against the

22 Nov 2014

[Video]- Watch the feathers Fly- Liberal idiots hold funeral for a frozen chicken inside a grocery store

To chants of “It’s not food… it’s violence,” a handful of animal lovers staged a funeral service inside a California grocery store…for a frozen chicken. Yes, ladies and gentleman, a funeral for a frozen chicken. The emotional plea The young people who participated were  allegedly from Berkeley (who knew- Berkeley, bastion

19 Nov 2014

Buffalo, New York – 5 dead after major snowstorm, more snow on the way

Buffalo, New York was buried under 6 feet of snow that hit all at once over night. The city was one of the hardest hit with the extreme storm that brought snow and frigid temperatures to the region. At least five  deaths were blamed on the weather… and there is more snow in the

18 Nov 2014

Jesus Not Allowed in School?- Students Do Have 1st Amendment Rights!

“All Americans should know that students don’t shed their rights at the schoolhouse gate. Their right to express themselves is protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” James Long, Esq. Attorney for the Plaintiffs The West Covina Unified School District Candy Cane Caper In 2013, a Christmas

17 Nov 2014

Obama And The “You Lie” Legacy

Over a thousand lies days ago, (September, 2009) Barack Obama stated, “There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false — the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.” The Lie Joe Wilson, a Congressman from

15 Nov 2014

Before the Body is Cold, New York Wants Your Guns

  Buffalo, New York Police announced their plan to visit the homes of the recently deceased to confiscate any registered handguns they owned. New York Law When obtaining a hand gun permit in New York, the law states the estate of the permit holder has 15 days to dispose of the

13 Nov 2014

Maryland – Federal Regulations are Destroying a Region

The Federal Government, in its flagrant attempts to regulate everything they can, have pushed the agenda so far in many areas of New England, that their economies are being destroyed. From demands against Maryland farmers over the Chesapeake Bay to Cod fishing in Massachusetts, Federal agencies seem bound and determined

13 Nov 2014

Make a Statement to Muslims! Come to DC Tomorrow at the National Cathedral

Washington, D.C. – The Episcopal Church has given the go ahead for Muslim prayers to take place at the National Cathedral on November 14, 2014. It’s an extremely controversial decision that flies in the face of the Christian history of the Church. Americans are mobilizing a peaceful protest to bring awareness to our Christian

12 Nov 2014

Ferguson, MO and the United Nations

Ferguson, MO – The parents of the robbery suspect Michael Brown went before the United Nation seeking justice for the death of their son. In their minds the officer, Darren Wilson, is guilty of cold blooded murder in his death. The Grand Jury hasn’t released any indictment as of this writing. In Ms. Brown’s eyes, their son

11 Nov 2014

The Islamic Indoctrination Of America’s Schools

Texas -The mother of a N. Richland Hills, Birdville High School freshman spoke with Misguided Children about a problem she discovered in her son’s World History class. The instructor was assigning lessons on the tenets of Islam. The instructor told the students the lessons were to “remain in the class