15 Dec 2014

Calif High School uses “genderbread” person to promote sex for teens

Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California is under fire for a sex education class that is taught by employees of Planned Parenthood…and appears to pressure student to have sex at 13-14 years old. At issue is a “survey”or “checklist” that was given to the students without parental permission. Ignoring the

13 Dec 2014

Soldier visits wife at apartment- grinch landlord tells him he can’t stay

Sgt. William Bullock, a US soldier,  took Christmas leave from his station in Missouri to visit his wife in Central, South Carolina, where she is a student at Clemson University. She is also a  new mother- but the landlord of the Grove Apartments advised him that he could not stay

12 Dec 2014

UCLA Law Professor Under Fire for Asking Students about Ferguson

UCLA Law Professor Robert Goldstein always takes his exam questions from recent headlines for his elective law class. He wanted to teach student how to think and work through any issues that might present themselves during a situation they might face as an attorney. But when he asked a straightforward

11 Dec 2014

Storms slam East and West Coasts -Mother Nature’s Double Whammy

Both sides of the United States were rocked by epic storms from Tuesday through Thursday. Everything from rain to snow hit East and West Coasts in what can only be described as a double whammy. Northeast Over 800 flights were cancelled and nearly 2,000 delayed as the rain, snow, and

11 Dec 2014

An endangered spider, a freeway, and the killer instinct

  A story on CBS this morning – Dec 11-2014 – caught my eye so I did some checking to see if it was correct- it was. In Texas, a freeway project was held up for two full years because of an “endangered spider” (no joke) that scientists had to kill to

08 Dec 2014

Fire Shuts Down Two Major Freeways in Los Angeles -[Video]

Early Monday morning, a major fire lit up the skies in downtown Los Angeles.The fire was so intense that two freeways and several roads had to be shut down. Two other buildings were damaged in the fire, but firefighters managed to access the buildings and stop the flames from spreading.

05 Dec 2014

Protests continue -from cheering as cops are hit by a car, to shutting down traffic

Protesters shut down traffic in Boston, while in Denver, a “runaway” car slammed into 4 police officers to the cheers of bystanders. The unrest in America continued from coast to coast again this week. Boston – cutting off commuters WCVB in Boston wrote, “Protesters were also able to walk onto

04 Dec 2014

While Americans Slept- Fed land grab slipped into Defense Funding

What do the the federal government’s “wilderness areas” have to do with National Defense? Nothing. Good question. But as Americans were distracted by Ferguson and other issues, The Blaze reported that House and Senate legislators “quietly slipped” a request into the NDAA on Tuesday night for 250,000 more acres to be designated as “wilderness.” The

03 Dec 2014

Protesting and desecrating the flag in Scranton, PA

In the news again, this time from Scranton, PA. At the Marywood University campus students held a “sit-in” supporting the protesting in Ferguson, MO. In the main campus rotunda hung a U.S. Flag upside down. Upon the flag was written: “There is no justice on stolen land. Black lives matter.”

01 Dec 2014

The Destruction of Ferguson, Missouri [video]

What began as protests over a police shooting on August 9, 2014, quickly spiraled out of control into what one news outlet described as an “orgy of insanity.” Fires were burning all over the city …from businesses to churches in flames, looting and assaults, the losses have stacked up high for the people of Ferguson, Missouri.

30 Nov 2014

The U.S. Constitution V. The United Nations

Back in 2013, Eric Holder was before the United States Supreme Court, arguing that a United Nations treaty trumped the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, the chemical weapons ban of 1998. Here are some of the particulars of this case. It all stemmed from Bond v. United States. The case dealt with a defendant charged with

29 Nov 2014

Breaking – Officer Darren Wilson Resigns

Police Officer Darren Wilson has resigned from the Ferguson, Missouri police department. According to one of his attorneys, his resignation is effective immediately. An expected outcome Darren Wilson, 28, the policeman who shot and killed Michael Brown, has been on administrative leave since August 9, the date of the shooting. His story

29 Nov 2014

What d’ya Mean, Pigs Can’t Fly?

  There are movies about “Snakes on a Plane,” and spiders, or even Steven Seagal, but now we have a pig. US Airways kicked an “emotional support” pig off a flight at Bradley International airport on Wednesday. The pot bellied pig was labeled as an “emotional support” animal. US airways,