On Monday the woman at the center of the Tea Party targeting scandal in the IRS decided to take an early retirement and get fat off of her taxpayer funded pension. The same people she was targeting will now be paying her to enjoy her golden years.

When she was called to answer for the malicious attacks that occurred on her watch she “decided to follow [her] counsel’s advice and not testify or answer any of the questions.”

After attacking the First Amendment she thought it best to invoke the Fifth. Although she obviously didn’t know what exactly that Amendment is for either.

As soon as she said she refused to testify she felt it necessary to do so anyway. “Because I’m asserting my right not to testify, I know that some people will assume that I’ve done something wrong. I have not. One of the basic functions of the 5th Amendment is to protect innocent individuals. And that is the protection I’m invoking today.”

She did have that protection. When she said she would use her right not to testify she was protected by the Constitution, and Congress couldn’t force her to testify.

Where she got the Amendment confused was where she thought that she could call on that right and then proclaim her innocence anyway. Of course she can do that, but the Fifth doesn’t protect her from perjury if she goes ahead and lies.

She said that she was innocent. She is not innocent. Emails released last week show that she colluded with Democrat Party operatives and the Federal Election Commission to target these Tea Party groups in 2011. That is perjury and she should be charged with perjury at the very least.

Instead she got to spend the Summer on “paid administrative leave” (paid vacation) and now has retired, just before she was going to be fired, with all of her benefits.

How can we expect to stop people from doing this again in the future if all we do is give them a stern talking to and a pay for the rest if their life?

Ms. Lerner should be arrested and throw in Federal Prison. Right now her lawyers are negotiating with the Oversight Committee for her immunity.

The committee is hoping that playing soft ball and giving her immunity she will give them information that will throw other people under the bus.



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