Duck Dynasty told not to pray in Jesus' Name. That didn't fly at all.

Duck Dynasty told not to pray in Jesus’ Name. That didn’t fly at all.

Willie and Phil Robertson, two of the stars from Duck Dynasty, are about as politically correct as a gator after a big fish. The Phil and Willie Robertson interview on Sports Spectrum TV was posted originally in April of 2013, but posted again by on October 5, and talks about the Producers of Duck Dynasty telling them not to pray in Jesus’ Name because it might offend Muslims. They told the producers to lump it. Of course, the producers deleted what they wanted anyway. But since they’re still on the air and still praying in Jesus’ Name, I guess they won that battle hands down in spite of the producers.

Rumors flew around the internet earlier in the year as and several bloggers around the circuit attempted to debunk the idea that anyone in their right mind would gore the cash cow that is Duck Dynasty by telling them not to pray. The video sounds like the Robertsons had to stand their ground come hell or high water against the usual politically correct atmosphere.

Whether it’s the fake bleeps the stars talk about in the video (guess somebody needs to swear, even if they don’t), or how they pray and who they pray to, somebody was “all up in their faces” for a while. Thankful that the Duck dynasty family had some serious sand to say no. Phil’s classic answer: “Dump it and hump it, Dude.”



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