Police in DC are arriving in RIOT GEAR to QUELL  protesters at the memorials VIDEO HERE

The liberal media is at it once more.  Today, as the alternative media spread the news that VETERANS and OTHER PATRIOTS began collecting the barricades encircling the PUBLIC memorials and throwing them at the fence around the White House, NBC and the rest of the State-run media kept mums.  The NBC News page carried a minuscule block about how “Palin and Cruz Slammed Obama at World War II memorial rally.”  As we write this piece, new developments are emerging, and photographs being posted on “Instagram” and other outlets reveal the police using the same barricades the veterans threw at the White House to push back the protesters.  If you were ever in doubt about the LIBERAL STATE-RUN media, this should put all your questions to rest.  We’re living in a police-state with a tyrant “passing” for an elected Chief Executive.

On the same week that proponents of AMNESTY for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS were allowed into the National Mall (a closed site, according to the signs) and were allowed to HOLD A RALLY for their cause, PATRIOTS and VETERANS are being pushed back from public areas around the National Mall and the White House.  It has become obvious that the rule of law means nothing, absolutely nothing to this illegitimate administration.  The continuous violation of basic civil liberties of American citizens will not be tolerated any longer.  The latest developments from sites indicate that the police is actively pushing protesters back from the sites and that veterans and patriots ARE NOT being allowed to gather in public free spaces.  Remember, the same LIBERAL MEDIA who is blocking you access to this information is the same lame media who praised and celebrated the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

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