Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, organized a rally for  "Reclaim" America"  on Nov 19

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, organized a rally for “Reclaim America” on Nov 19

In America, November is a month where we are supposed to be thankful for everything we have. We should be grateful that we have what we do, despite this administration’s best efforts to take them away.

From guns and privacy, to freedom of healthcare and freedom of information, this administration has taken a chisel to our bedrock of liberty.

One organization, Reclaim America, has decided to draft a new Declaration of Independence and present it to our rogue administration on November 19. They are hoping that millions will show up in LaFayette Park, in Washington D.C. The rally is being organized by Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. Klayman is calling for non-violent, peaceful revolution. I sincerely hope that we, as Americans, are capable of such an endeavor.

Cynicism has gripped our hearts and minds. It is one of the greatest weapons of this administration. They are purposefully jading our resolve via scandal after scandal. It is like the frog in boiling water. When heated slowly, the frog will just sit there, slowly cooking itself to death. We can still jump out of that boiling pot. It is not too late.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter which of the rallies we all attend. Whether it be this one on November 19, or another one down the road, eventually there needs to be a massive turn out in Washington D.C. Eventually there must be a loud and long roar that shakes the very foundation of the White House, so they cannot ignore us any longer.

I say that November 19 is as good a time as any to take this country back. What I want to hear from that day (and I will be there, God willing) is that event coordinators were swamped with a turnout more spectacular than they ever imagined; I want to hear that the chanting of the angry masses rose to such a clamor that the media has no choice but to cover it. I want this corrupt regime to FEAR US.

Every responsible revolution starts with a declaration of intent. Let our very presence speak for itself.

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