A chilling cellphone film of two girls beating another girl, then holding her down while being raped has been released, January 10,2014. The 16 year old victim was punched, kicked, pepper sprayed, then raped by 19 year old Jayvon Woolfork in Hollywood, Florida.

The 18 year old Lanel Singleton filmed the incident on a cell phone. Images from that filming were released recently. The barbaric attack over the half-naked 16 year old girl is very disturbing. The film shows two girls, identified as Patricia Montes and Erica Avery beating the victim, while she pleads to be let go.


Lanel Singleton-18

Lanel Singleton – 18 years old

During the incident on the film, you can hear a male voice say, “They don’t like this girl.”

A girls voice can be heard saying, “I told you we were gonna f** somebody up.”

While the victim is brutalized, and asking to be let go, another girl’s voice says they should “let this girl go home”, but the attacks do not stop.

After the victim is dragged to the bedroom, allegedly sexual assaulted by Woolfork, she is spat on and let go. The 16 year old leaves, flagging down a car to make it home and collapses. She was later taken to the hospital, suffering from broken bones in the face, swelling and unable to see.



Jayvon Woolfork – 19 years old

Speaking to the police the 16 year old victim says she was smoking marijuana and drinking beer with her so-called friends. One of the girls, Montes,  was her best friend since kindergarten. Perhaps this was the girl heard on the film saying, “let this girl go home”.

The two girls that had beaten her are charged with two counts each of felony armed sexual assault and kidnapping. They have also been charged as adults, not minors.


Erica Avery – 16 years old


Patricia Montes – 15 years old


Three men, Dwight Henry (17), Lanel Singleton (18), and Jayvon Woolfork (19) have been charged with capital felony sexual assault and kidnapping.

Everyone had plead not guilty. All are  held on bond with the exception of Montes.

The prosecutor, Maria Schneider, described the video during court saying the victim attempted to protect herself while being beaten.

“The cruelty shown on this video . . . this was repeated over and over again . . . The girls are trying to remove her bra. You saw the victim sitting on the toilet crying, her face blown up and swollen from injuries, and then they beat her,” Ms. Schneider said.

In a lack of remorse, during the three hour bail hearing, Avery grinned and rolled her eyes. Her lawyer admonished her during the hearing, telling her to compose herself. The victim’s best friend, Montes,  appeared “stoic” for most of the proceedings.

The judge said: “This 16-year-old woman, both of her eyes were closed from being beaten, she had blood coming from one of her ears.”

Trial proceedings continue on.


Erica Avery eye-rolling during the Bail Hearing, while Patricia Montes remains stoic.



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