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Does the latest rash of dead bankers mean that something bad is about to happen to the US economy? Photo: oathkeepers

The number of dead bankers around the world are rising, and there are eerie similarities  between the Dow Jones in 1929 right before the great depression and present day. It begs the question, could we finally be at that point in time that we fear most? Could this be the great crash? It’s hard to say, given that market forecasts are never certain, but the high number of banker suicides is  fueling rumors about a possible dollar crash. Regardless of when and how people think it’s going to happen, all we know is that it WILL happen.

The frequency of deaths

Last week twenty-eight year old Kenneth Bellando, who has been affiliated JP Morgan Chase and other financial firms, was the latest in the string of bankers to commit suicide or die mysteriously. The most disturbing thing about this is the frequency to which it is happening. Kenneth is the twelfth banker that has suffered this fate in the last three months.

Mark Hulbert of released an article in February that went viral, comparing the Dow Jones right before the crash in 1929 to present day.  They are very similar, and with all of these banker suicides, the mother of all economic bubbles could finally be popping.

These banker deaths come at a time when we see financial heavyweight and insider like George Soros placing bets against the stock market and as the Federal Reserve begins to taper its monthly bond purchases it seems likely that market volatility is not far behind. Many experts are saying 2014 will be the year the biggest bubble since the great depression pops, which paints a very gloomy picture for the future of the United States.

Not an accident

It is important for people to know that this economic mess is not an accident — it is the Cloward-Piven strategy of creating a crisis and then posing as the savior of said crisis in order to gain more control and reorganize power structure. It starts to become clear when one studies the shady history of the Federal Reserve banking system. Select individuals are maneuvering us into this economic nightmare for their own personal gain.



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