This map shows the encirclement of Russia by NATO/US- forcing them into a reactionary position

After being rebuffed for his war plans against Syria in September, President Obama is now moving directly for war with Russia. After arming Al Qaeda’s genocide against minorities in Syria, Obama was stopped from direct military action only by the overwhelming opposition raised by a war weary American population, backed by military leadership which feared being plunged by an immoral president into another long and foolish war. Now he has chosen to back neo-nazi forces in the Ukraine –and even sent US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to meet with them.

Backing the wrong side…again

Russia’s historical relationship with Ukraine is older and more significant for Russia than their ties with Syria. President Obama is backing a coup led by neo-nazi terrorist groups, against Ukraine’s elected government. This outright support by western governments for neo-nazi opposition groups has come to the surface in the aftermath of President Yanukovich’s rejection of economic treaty agreements with the EU. This is a decision that western governments have attacked as being “undemocratic.”

neonazis involved in ukraine protests

Neo-nazi thugs of the Svoboda party that have been involved in the Ukraine protests

Behind the rhetoric – a war policy

The Russian government and military know that this has nothing to do with democracy in Ukraine. The issue is a strategic one. Integration of Ukraine into the EU includes integration into NATO’s european defense system. This would bring Ukraine into the NATO strategy of encircling Russia with missile defense systems capable of launching a pre-emptive nuclear first strike. It would also terminate Russia’s use of Naval ports in the Crimea, giving NATO a dominant presence in the Black Sea, home of Russia’s warm water fleet.  This is a war policy.

What Ukraine rejected was submission to the bureaucratic murder of its population under the same European Union that is destroying the people of Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. The privilege of being under the rule of the EU is the loss of sovereignty to a dictatorship which imposes bailouts to bankrupt banks, paid for by murderous budget cuts, just as Obama has done in the US.

Backing ethnic cleansing

The outright anti-Russian, anti-semitic, pro-nazi, racist character of groups such as the Svoboda Party has not deterred top level State Department officials, such as Victoria Nuland, from publicly meeting with their leadership. This Svoboda Party is a revival of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists who carried out ethnic cleansing of 70,000 Ukrainians in coordination with the Nazi occupation forces in World War II. Today, these groups are leading an armed insurrection in the streets of Ukraine, backed by President Obama and the EU.

Again, this is such a direct war provocation that unless Congress impeaches Obama, you can expect thermonuclear war very soon.

There are abundant reasons why Obama should and must be impeached, but this is by far the most urgent one. Congress must move now to impeach Obama, who otherwise won’t be stopped from bungling our way into thermonuclear world war.

Get on the phone now and call the Congress to demand Obama be impeached: 202-224-3121

For a more detailed fact sheet on this subject, read ‘Western Powers Back Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine’.




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