I know we have seen many scheduled marches and even talks of making a citizen’s arrest back in April. There is another march that is planned and scheduled for September 9th that has more potential than any we have seen to date. Police officers, chiefs, sheriffs and deputies along with all participating citizens will conduct the march to the nations capitol to express their concerns about our tyrannical government.

Bob Powell has been sharing YouTube videos for awhile now to build a gathering to participate in the march. Bob Powell, say what ever you want because I know how some of you love to nit pick, has a great mindset and is trying to mediate between groups to achieve one common goal. All the LEO, who are legal to carry will and citizens need to stay unarmed. Before anyone wants to rip on Bob Powell, a marine by the way, is organizing and mediating all while his wife is battling cancer. While by the side of his wife during chemo, he is still working for all of us. Gilberton Pennsylvania’s Chief of Police, Mark Kessler, is leading his group, the Constitutional Security Force, into Washington D.C. to speak out. Kessler has been rallying several LEO, along with other groups, to march in and squat until impeachment processes begin and charges are filed against O as well. Kessler is expecting 1 million voices and knows it may become a non peaceful event. Bob Powell, who is with the ‘Truth is Viral’, is asking for 1 to 10 million on scene and to be heard, but if you do carry as a citizen, stay in Virginia please. Kessler is not looking for a bunch of citizens toting in guns and shooting off rounds.

Researching Chief Kessler, he is a legit, good guy and bull headed enough to make this work. Kessler also has no problem using the strongest language to get his point across so be warned when viewing any video he is in. His father was a Vietnam veteran and the constitution means the world to Kessler, causing him to create the Constitutional Security Force, and has this to say.

I will stand with freedom before I side with tyrannical thugs! Now to every law enforcement personnel standing on BOZOS STAGE siding with TYRANNY condemning firearm owners I have a message just for you! (YOU DISGUST ME!) To all true OATH KEEPERS, I commend you for your courage by standing with freedom and the oath you’ve taken.

Since Chief Kessler started the civilian militia, he has been harassed and threatened. Kessler believes unmarked black and grey helicopters flying over his house and station are connected to the death threats he is receiving. He has gotten calls, traced to pre paid phones with an unknown name, threatening to put a bullet in the back of his head. Kessler speculates that a nearby sheriffs department is behind it as well because they have an unconstitutional sheriff who has voiced opposition in the 2nd Amendment. Due to the death threats, Kessler has 120 militia members on standby who can quickly come to his aid. Kessler has authored legislation that passed, allowing force to be used against the federal government should they try to confiscate guns. Kessler has stated numerous times that if his life is taken while fighting tyranny, he is fine with that. I did happen to run across a clean video where Kessler is speaking at a Tea Party event. In the video you will see Kessler mention one important fact I have beat in the ground. LEO are not getting proper training coming out of the academy. They receive every tool they need minus gun laws and common sense. You should agree, this man is the real deal and if the march goes forward, we need every able body behind him.



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