Marine Major James Weirick has decided to take on the highest officer in the Corps and it has gone very public. This started because of a case over several scout snipers allegedly urinating on corpses. One of the people involved is Major James B. Conway, sign of the previous Commandant, General James T. Conway. Weirick is accusing, among other things, Commandant Jim Amos of suppressing evidence and advocating for excessive punishment for the men involved, except Conway. Weirick has since been given a bad evaluation, which could cause him to not be able to gain any rank past Lieutenant Colonel, which he has already been selected for.

james weirick

James Weirick and the allegations

In a complaint filed with the Inspector General on the case involving Conway, this is what he had to say.

“I lack the power or authority to get the emails and other requested materials in the possession of the Commandant and his staff,” James Weirick writes in the complaint. “To ensure a fair proceeding I need the assistance of those with much greater authority. I should have acted earlier, but I truly believed those with the authority to accomplish this would adhere to the Rule of Law and our shared value of due process. This, sadly, has not been the case. Both civilian and uniformed counsel for the Commandant have thwarted my efforts and remained silent, or possibly assisted in, this unlawful command influence.”

In this complaint, Maj. James Weirick names the Commandant, General Joseph Dunford, Major General Vaughn Ary, Colonel Joseph Bowe, Robert Hogue and Peter Delorier.  Dunford is the former Assistant Commandant and now the top US General in Afghanistan. Ary is the director to the Marine Corps JAG and staff JAG to the Commandant. Bowe is the deputy staff JAG. Hogue and Delorier are both civilian legal advisors.