Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange of Navy SEAL Team VI, who was among 17 SEALs killed in the Extortion 17 Chinook crash in Afghanistan in 2011, spoke to Michael Savage Wednesday in an interview. Strange stated that he believes the government sent his son and the other SEALs to their deaths. Both Strange and the Vaughn family, parents of Aaron Vaughn, have stated that they believe after Vice President Joe Biden, and also former CIA Director Leon Panetta, exposed classified information revealing SEAL Team 6 as the ones who took out Osama bin Laden, the team members began indicating to their families that they knew they were in danger.

According to a report from Before It’s News, Strange also has information indicating that 8 of the SEALs made it out of the Chinook after it crashed and were actually fighting on the ground after the crash.

Michael Strange was recently awarded the Silver Star for valor, yet his parents were not invited to the ceremony held at the White House. Charles Strange stated in the interview with Michael Savage a few days ago, that just a month after Biden and Panetta had revealed classified information, and only two months before his death in the Chinook, his son Michael told him he had prepared a will. Strange said Michael stated: “Something’s going on with the team. Somebody’s leaking things out. Something’s going on.”

An emotional Savage then asked: “Your son knew he was being sent to his death?”

“They knew. They knew something was up. Every one of them”, replied the elder Strange.