Eldon Gail Samuel III, 14, is suspect in a double homicide case in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Photo credit- KREM news

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho —  Two murders that police describe as “gruesome” were allegedly committed by a 14 year old boy who murdered his father and brother in  a North Idaho town on Monday. Two things about the case stood out- first, the town hasn’t had a murder in five years, and second, the teen reportedly committed the murders with a gun, a knife, and a machete.

The first murder in 5 years

The suspect reported the crime to 911 sometime around 9:30 pm on Monday. He told the dispatcher that he “shot and killed” his father and brother.  Police arrived to find the suspect covered in blood. Eldon Gail Samuel Jr, 46, and his son Jonathan Samuel, 13, were found dead in a room next to the kitchen when police entered the home. According to court documents, bloody footprints were also found at the scene, as well as blood on the ceiling.

Eldon G. Samuel III, 14, was charged as an adult for two counts of First Degree Murder. The suspect appeared before a Kootenai County judge Tuesday afternoon. Bail was set at $1 million.

Samuel stated that his father took medications and often beat him, as well as frequently talked about zombies while under the influence of the drugs. He claimed that the father shot his gun that night prior to returning inside the house where an argument ensued between them.  His father allegedly pushed him during the argument, so Eldon III shot his father once in the stomach with a .45 caliber pistol. The suspect told police that his father crawled into another room where the younger brother, Jonathan was hiding under a bed.

Serious overkill 

KREM news out of Spokane, Washington writes:

“The teenager admitted to shooting his father three times in the head. He claimed he was afraid of his father “coming after him” according to court records.The teenager said his father was dead when he attacked his brother. Court documents stated that the teen admitted he shot the 13-year-old who was hiding under a bed… The 13-year-old victim was then stabbed multiple times with a large knife. The murder suspect admitted to grabbing a machete when his brother appeared to still be alive. Records stated the suspect stabbed his brother up to 30 times with a machete.

Police wrote in their report that the suspect  that the suspect did not show remorse about killing his brother.

“Eldon physically demonstrated the manner in which he held and used the machete. The demonstration showed a violent and ‘severe’ action used on his brother.” Police Report

The suspect told officers that he ‘hated’ his brother.  He admitted to mentally preparing to kill his father and brother for about eight months. Detectives wrote that “He ‘slightly’ regrets killing his father but blames his brother for his anger and frustration.”

The man and his two sons moved to Coeur d’Alene from California to be closer to their grandfather. The house they were staying in was an emergency housing unit belonging to St Vincent dePaul.

Sgt Christie Wood,  Press Information Officer for the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, described the investigation: “We are still working hard on the physical and evidential aspects of the investigation and have not interviewed family from CA other than being in contact with his mother. I am certain more interviews will take place, but then that info will be sent to the Prosecutor… It’s a gruesome case that has a lot of followup aspects to it.”



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