Los Angeles has become the latest in a growing list of places fed up with people that break laws to come to this country. The city is also becoming fed up with a federal government that is breaking its own laws to set these criminals free. There would seem to be a growing movement in this nation to stop allowing criminals that come to this nation a home. They do not come here for freedom, they come here for handouts and to break more laws. The proof is the sheer amount of crimes that go on wherever they appear.

The battle for Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times has what happened at the protest to stop dropping off of more criminals to be released into the city.

Police said about 100 to 150 people met the buses a few blocks away from the Border Patrol station, chanting “Go home” and “We want to be safe.”

The detainees — many of them women and children from Central America — had crossed the border in Texas recently and were flown to San Diego by the Department of Homeland Security.

They had been bused to Murrieta for processing and supervised release through a religious volunteer group pending appearances in immigration court.

Though the day had been tense and loud, the protests were nonviolent.

The verbal sparring continued Tuesday night, with about 100 marchers supporting the immigrants on one side of Madison Avenue and 50 opposing them on the other, with police in the middle of the street.

In a City Council meeting following the protests, Murrieta Mayor Alan Long thanked the crowds for refraining from violence. “The people who live here are passionate about their community, and that’s what you’re seeing outside today,” he said.

The incident came one day after Long urged residents to protest the federal government’s decision to move the recent immigrants — the first of what he said was to be a series of arrivals — to the facility in his city.

The federal government will most likely not listen and keep trying to dump more and more criminals throughout the United States.



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