Strange times these are indeed. The current Presidential Administration has been on the frying pan for a long time now, dodging political bullets and covering up their sins against America. Attorney General Eric Holder, who is fighting not one but two nasty scandals is a man who, in 1995, said “we need to brainwash people”, referring to the liberal assault on the American People known as gun control. First he was caught illegally smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels on taxpayer money. Then, with that issue still to this day unresolved, he was caught illegally spying on American journalists who criticized the President.


New evidence points to a possible gun trafficking operation in Benghazi, Libya, where four outstanding Americans, including two Navy SEALs and an Ambassador, were killed by al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists. The entire White House, Presidential Administration and State Department lied to the American People about what took place there, and not one of the politicians in charge have taken responsibility for it. This doozy of a scandal is so preposterous that we don’t even know what’s worse; Our government suspiciously allowing Americans to die, a possible false flag operation, or them lying about it to us. Ignorance must be bliss for the liberal crowd, who considers former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s outburst “What difference does it matter anyway?!” a resolution. The unnerving idea that our government could be in cahoots with al-Qaeda in Libya sounds much more plausible now that we know what is happening in nearby Syria.