Is there anything good about Obama?

Is there anything good about Obama?

Is there anything good about Obama? In the last few weeks, with the Benghazi scandal still hovering over his head and the Obamacare train wreck about to begin, Obama’s approval rating is at an all time low. A recent Gallup poll has shown that only 39% of American people approve of the job Obama is doing. The rest of us are awake. However, in all fairness, I went on an objective search to find any positive attributes about the man in the oval office.

It’s easy to assume that he is a bumbling fool, based on his more recent performances; however, he is, in fact, a truly brilliant man. Vladimir Putin recently remarked that either Obama is an idiot, or he is purposefully trying to ruin the American economy. My instincts lean towards the latter. If even the average American can recognize the havoc Obamacare will have on the economy, then surely Obama does.

If  Americans understand that spending billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us, while our national debt continues to skyrocket, then I’m sure that Obama does.  I believe Obama is well aware of what he is doing – because that’s been his plan from day 1.   He fooled the American people (along with, apparently, a lot of deceased voters – that takes talent!) with false platitudes and abject lies in order to obtain office. He has devised a brilliant strategy of divide and conquer. We see such divisiveness in our country because he has subtly, and not so subtly (Trayvon Martin, anyone?) through his policies and public speaking cultivated even large gaps between the classes and between races.

Those who legitimately voted for Obama, I believe, chose style over sustenance. He appears to be a very charming, stylish man. He is well composed most of the time during his addresses and speeches. He seems to articulate – what is on his teleprompter – quite well.  He is an artful and excellent speaker, a master manipulator.

He also appears to be “normal.” We see him out riding his bike, talking on his phone, with his wife and two girls. This image projects what we would consider a normal family man, albeit kind of a sissy one. A picture floated around social media showing Reagan riding horses, Bush chopping wood…and Obama hanging curtains. Regardless, this makes him more “relatable” to the general public.

He has been, thus far, very fortunate in the timing of his candidacy. The public was tired of Republican rule after 8 years of George W. Bush, therefore, it didn’t take much for him to slide into office. In addition, he has been very lucky in that those who know the truth about his ineligibility have not been forthcoming to the public. However, the truth is slowly trickling out.

The Democratic party has seemed to be a fairly formidable opponent in the last few years, pushing largely unfavorable legislation, and supporting Obama throughout all of it, despite protests from the Republican party as well as the American people.  However, it would seem that Americans are finally fed up with this broken two-party system and have had enough.  Folks are rising up all over the nation, shedding the titles and uniting as one cohesive unit simply called Americans.  And it’s about time.

So, is there anything good about Obama? Sure there is. But is Obama good for America? Absolutely not.

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