A Yale study showed that Tea Party members had a better grasp of science that some in other demographics

A Yale study showed that Tea Party members had a better grasp of science that some in other demographics

A recent study conducted by Dan Kahan of Yale University,  found that not only do members of the Tea Party understand science, but they, on average, actually have a slightly better grasp than other political demographics.

The study conducted over the summer of 2013, concluded that liberals are on average more literate in the sciences than conservatives as a whole; the subset (around 19%) who answered that they counted themselves among the ranks of the Tea Party had a better understanding of science than those who are not by a factor of (r = 0.05, p = 0.05).

While statistics is a fuzzy science at best,  and any random sampling of voters could yield differing results, this should quell the stereotype that the Tea Party members are a bunch of backwoods simpletons, no matter how loud MSNBC might yell about it.

Sure, we might like the woods, fishing, hunting and our guns. Science is involved in all of those things.  Anybody who has ever reloaded their own ammunition, built a house or rebuilt an engine knows a heck of a lot more about things like velocity, aerodynamics, torque, geometry and compression than the average person.

It never ceases to amaze me how soft scientific mediums like macrobiotics (the study of eating raw, simple foods) or psychology are hailed by the left as the pinnacle of science and what it has to offer, when the more conservative sciences yield raw incontrovertible data. It might be that liberals enjoy arguing over macchiato and scones too much to realize they are engaging in scientific masturbation.

Speculative sciences, in this author’s humble opinion, are contributing to the identity crisis of America. Take for example sociology. I was a sociology major in college until I reached the age of reason. A sociology major is nothing more than a person who has paid good money to have their brain washed with Marxist-Leninist solvent and left out to dry in a cedar cabinet built by disingenuous white liberals. If you aren’t poor, ethnic, female or gay, a sociology major will try to teach you to hate yourself.

Besides the utilization of various sciences in the blue collar world, the medical profession is quite conservative as well. Most people don’t realize how extensive the exodus of doctors became after Canada instituted socialized medicine. I know, because my father was one of them.

It is a small wonder why a political base with its head so far up its ideology-hole would overlook the basics of hard science, and look down upon the people who practice them.



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