Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

A link between Toni Townes-Whitley,  the senior vice president at CGI Federal and Michelle Obama, the First Lady,  has been found, via a college connection.   The senior vice president and first lady attended Princeton class of ’85, and both were in the groups Organization of Black Unity (OBU), and Third World Center (TWC) .However, there is more than a college connection between Michelle Obama and Toni Townes-Whitley. The two appear to have remained in contact and relationship over the years.

In an earlier article, I provided the top six contractors with the amount of money received. CGI Federal was number one in the list, being paid a “$93.7 million dollar contract running till December.”

Third World Center (TWC) was created in 1971 and was for the purpose of providing minority students a place to express “strong interest in a facility for activities of their own that would include seminars, colloquia, exhibits, cultural shows, and social events.”

However the group appears focused on race and racial issues, over colloquia. For example, Fred Foote — the editor of Prospect magazine, a conservative monthly publication — criticized the TWC for their obsessive focus on race. This was written around the same time Michelle and Toni were  students of OBU and TWC.  The two groups were  engaged in a confrontation with Jewish students on campus.

“It was an ugly scene, but few expected perfect harmony when the OBU, in conjunction with the Third World Center (TWC), invited Hassan Rahman, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s deputy UN observer, to appear on campus,” according to a January 25, 1982 Princeton Alumni Weekly (Volume 82) article entitled “War of Words” in the column “On the Campus” by Ted Lempert ’83.

Michelle Obama served on the governing board of the Third World Center (TWC).


The event held Hassan Rahman, speaking in support of the Palestinians. He is known for anti-Israel views.

“We have the right to kill them if they are traitors and negotiate with the Israelis,” Rahman said of non-PLO supporting Palestinians at the event.

It appears OBU and TWC were none too kind to the Jewish students, given the tension between the groups.

“The OBU met with Jewish students to discuss the event, and Hillel leaders affirmed Rahman’s right to speak on campus… As about 400 students poured into McCosh 50, tension replaced this short-lived calm. The entire center section of the auditorium had been reserved for TWC members, most of whom are black. The remainder of the audience, mostly Jews, filled the outer sections. OBU’s Murphy stepped to the microphone, but instead of giving a standard welcome and introduction, he noted the ‘subdued controversy’ surrounding the speech and noted that disruptions ‘would not be tolerated.’ He even mentioned the possibility of disciplinary action or prosecution. Patrolling the room were a dozen OBU members wearing security badges, a supplement to the university proctors manning the doorways. Before Rahman had said a word, hopes of a congenial atmosphere were dashed.”

This gives us a small view of the organizations Michelle (Robinson) Obama and Toni Towns-Whitley were a part of during their college years. Yet, their relationship appears to have remained, as reports of White House logs show Toni Towns-Whitley visiting the White House on more than one occasion.

The visitors log shows the connection is deeper than a simply college connection.

Three of the afternoon meetings, held in the Old Executive Office Building, were scheduled in advance, and one, on Friday, April 26, was not. Three of the meetings were held on Friday and one on Saturday.

The records show Townes-Whitley was alone in her visits.

  •  January 18, Townes-Whitely met with Danny Werfel, a principle deputy commissioner on Obamacare. Danny Werfel was later named director of IRS in May. Records showed Towns-Whitley arrived at 1:31 p.m. and left at 3:23 p.m.
  •  April 26, Townes-Whitely arrived 3:43 p.m. and left 4:27 p.m. met with Jonathan McBride, special assistant to the president and deputy director of the presidential personnel office. McBride was promoted to director of the presidential personnel office in July.
  •  June 1, Townes-Whitley met again with McBride. This time the meeting was held for five hours, leaving around 7 p.m.
  •  June 28, Townes-Whitley met with John McNaught, an economics staff assistant.

The logs do not show any specific reasons for these meetings. Why did Toni meet with staff members, prior to their promotion? Why was she even able to use the Old Executive Office Building for these meetings?

It should be noted Toni Townes-Whitley also reportedly gave $500 in 2011 and 2012 to Obama’s re-election campaign, and another $1000 to Obama Victory Fund, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Similar to the CBS and the Obama administration connection, we have this connection with CGI and the Obama administration.

Given the college connection, use of the White House to hold meetings, and donations provided for Barack Obama’s election, these two ladies remain close. Each have been communicating over the years, and these incidents are definitely not coincidences.



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