Stone Anthony, a native of northern Virginia and Army veteran, decided he was fed up with politics as usual. He is running for President as an independent and constitutional conservative. Since getting out of the Army, he started a couple of businesses and been very active with civics groups. He is also fully aware of the nightmares of the Veterans Administration that veterans go through. Here is an excerpt from an Army Times article over an experience he had.

“In surgery for knee repair and a routine removal of a facial cyst, Anthony was semisedated when he felt his face growing warm. Fighting off anesthesia-induced grogginess, he opened his eyes to a wall of terrifying flames: High amounts of oxygen built up under surgical draping were ignited by a spark from a cauterizing instrument.

“I reached up, grabbed the sheeting off my face and tore out my tube and there was no one around. They had all ran away,” Anthony said.”

stone anthony

The stances of Stone Anthony

Here are some of the stances of Stone Anthony.

On the Second Amendment, this is the stance that Stone Anthony takes after he makes it clear he is for it in the manner written in the Constitution. “I will bring the issue to the Supreme Court for a definitive ruling, arguing that the issue needs definition and closure.”

“A Unified Country Of Patriots Can Return America To Greatness -True Change Comes From True Unity.

ALL American Citizen Patriots must work towards our common goal and our goal will succeed. Our goal is likely to fail if individuals or groups act on their own without direction or purpose — WE MUST ALL KEEP SIGHT OF OUR GOAL – Unite Together…”