Scott Walker

Scott Walker achieved a major victory in the investigation against him, but could his run for re-election be compromised?

The Controversy Surrounding the Scott Walker John Doe Investigation

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – In late 2013, a controversial “John Doe” investigation was launched into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and many of his supporters and affiliates. There were allegations against him that suggested that there was some foul play among the donors who contributed to his win in the 2011 and 2012 recall elections. Overseers suggested that some of Walker’s affiliates and donors illegally coordinated with GOP candidates during the recalls. According to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

 “A John Doe functions much like a federal grand jury, allowing prosecutors to conduct searches, subpoena records and other material, and take testimony under oath from witnesses – all in secret.”

It was the office of Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf that initiated investigation. Though he nor his colleagues have publicly commented on the issue, sources familiar with the case say that the probe was launched as a response to a similar “John Doe” investigation launched into Scott Walker in 2010 while he was a Milwaukee County executive.

In that case as well as this one, the legitimacy of his aides were questioned. The previous case did result in criminal charges being filed against six of the entities investigated – including three former Walker aides and a major campaign contributor – but Walker himself was not found guilty on any grounds.