Operation American Spring – Live Video

This special page and its video content is available for use to all conservative networks which are not main stream media***. This page will be short on text with only basic descriptions, as it will be mostly for recorded and live streaming video from Washington D.C., starting on or about 0900 Eastern Time on May 16.

Some of your favorite USMC admins, such as Tank himself, will be on-site during the event. Barr Phite, USMC’s I.T. Guru, will be recording and streaming with advanced technology adapted to a Samsung Galaxy Note III including a 10,000 mah extended battery and telescoping lenses.

If you would like to donate to this event, go to this link: Be represented at OAS by USMC. We will be in constant communication with our other admins and writers to keep you updated with the latest news. This page can always be accessed directly by bookmarking

If this operation is the success we expect it to be, it may draw a world-wide audience. For convenience, on the top right of every page is a translation tab that will permanently translate our site to other languages via a cookie placed on the computer when a language other than English is selected.

We’d like to thank ALL other groups that are participating and making this event what it is, with a special thanks to Col Riley for putting it all together.



*** Any major media network (eg: Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, etc) must obtain our permission prior to using any of our images or videos of this event, even if obtained from sources who copied our content. By giving Uncle Sams Misguided Children due credit, as well as a visually prominent presence of our link within your coverage, whether clearly spoken on every media broadcast coverage of the event or a link within your web based coverage of the event, permission can be considered automatically given in return. All other inquiries may be submitted to voicemail by calling our legal department at (916) 542-USMC. Please understand we will be extremely busy during this time, and may not be able to return all calls.



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