Will the Muslim Patrol come to your neighborhood in the near future? There are those in some parts of the United States that say it may already be here although not in the strength and numbers that is being faced in the United Kingdom.

muslim patrol

What is the Muslim Patrol? If you have not heard that phrase before consider being accosted by vigilantes in the streets of your home town. These thugs on patrol threaten, harass and attack those that are in violation of what they believe. These “men of peace” roam the streets in search of those they believe are non Muslim engaged in anti Islamic behavior and when found berate them, threaten them, assault, and attack them in an attempt to enforce Sharia Law.

muslim patrol


Such was the case in London this last year when Ricardo McFarlane 26, Jordan Horner, 19, and an unnamed 23 year old prowled the streets in the early hours of January 6th seeking to punish those who insult Islam. They came across a group of five men out on the town, the patrol confiscated and dumped out their beer. Horner berated the group, “Why are you poisoning your body? It is against Islam. This is Muslim Patrol. Kill the non believers”


As one of the Patrol requested a shank (a knife) the group attempted to walk away and two of the men were assaulted by Horner who is also known by his Islamic name of Jamaal Uddin. The most serious injury that morning occurred when Sam Cox sustained a broken jaw at the hands of what was described as the “white ginger male.” A charge that Horner denies although he admits to assaulting James Forward and Patrick Kavanagh.


This attack was not an isolated incident but rather a campaign of terror against western culture and waged against unarmed citizens of the UK as Horner and the 23 year old are also accused of making threats against three others.  On December 19th 2012 and January 13th 2013 Doctors Clair Coyle and Robert Grey along with another man were accosted and threatened for their perceived violations of Sharia law.


These thugs roamed the streets and assaulted the citizens of the United Kingdom and while they have been arrested, charged, and are due to be sentenced December 6th 2013 the whole incident seems to addressed as calmly and rationally by the legal system there as if they had an overdue library book.


The outrage that one might see had the attackers been white males assaulting a homosexual is not there. If neo nazis patrolled the streets and attacked people of color it would be national news for weeks, and an effort organized to put the attacks down. The anger and demands for action would be loud, swift and severe (and rightfully so). Yet the response from the United Kingdom appears all too civilized and proper.


The disregard of the laws of England, and the attacks against people guilty of no crime are only the beginning of the lack of regard towards the health, welfare and safety of those the Muslim Patrol has come across. The disdain for the Country these men have come to call home is carried on with their disrespect of the legal system that seeks to render justice.


They arrive late for court, and refuse to stand in defiance of the Court. McFarland has six previous convictions for defacing advertisements featuring women, the 23 year old has convictions for handling stolen goods and the court very politely informed McFarland’s attorney that “I will allow him bail. If there are conditions, one of his conditions is he must not be late.” As these men’s crimes escalate one must wonder how long before a victim is murdered and whether that would be enough to warrant the outrage of a nation.



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