School to 8 year old: Your Christian Faith is not Welcome

According to  NBC affiliate WECT, Cerro Gordo Elementary School in North Carolina in Columbus County has frustrated a parent, Heather Watts, after her daughter, Ryleigh Watts, was reprimanded and asked not to write about Jesus Christ.

Jesus is her hero

What is the offense? The 8-year old Ryleigh Watts writes about her hero, Jesus Christ, and that is offensive to any progressive liberal or communist supporting Obama‘s agenda and common core.

“I think she should have freedom to write about what she wants to write about. If she wants to write about Jesus, she should write about Jesus.” Heather Watts  

We agree. Religious freedom is protected under our constitutional rights.


“After speaking with both the teacher and the principal, we have learned that students were not restricted from writing on any topic of their choosing. Columbus County Schools encourages student expression in all aspects of our educational program. We also have an open-door policy, and encourage our parents and guardians to contact or visit their child’s school to address any concerns.” Cerro Gordo Elementary

The school’s statement implies that they are not keeping the student from writing about Jesus Christ, but the issue has not been resolved. Heather Watts and her daughter are still fighting the school to allow Ryleigh to write about her chosen person. They continue to tell her to write about thing else: it amounts to religious persecution.

Your Christian faith is not welcome

These kind of attacks are continuing against Christians on a daily basis. Imagine all the attacks on our religious freedoms that do not receive any attention and are overlooked by the media. We all know what would happen if this student had written about Muhammad or Allah and the School had given her  equal treatment —  there would have been an uproar from the liberals and the media for racism and discrimination.

Here at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children we will continue to bring awareness to these acts. We will fight for our beliefs until the end of time. For  God, Country and Corps.






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