Tom Greer
26 Jul 2014


Tuesday evening, Tom Greer, 80, returned to his Long Beach, California house to find 2 people ransacking his home. Gus Adams, 26 and Andrea Miller, 28, assaulted Greer, slamming him to the floor. Greer suffered a broken collarbone. Down But Not Out Greer may be have seen fourscore, but he still

02 Jun 2014

Marine Veteran Stops Armed Robbery

An armed robbery of a Harris County, Texas GameStop was thwarted by a United States Marine veteran Thursday. The Marine was eating lunch at Quizno’s when he observed two suspects exit a vehicle, open the trunk, tie bandanas around their faces, and enter the store. Moments later, one suspect exited

05 Jan 2014

Robber Mad Because Homeowner Shot At Him

Berwick, PA — Two men broke into a home in Berwick, Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve. They forced three people to remove their clothing down to their underwear, while they robbed them of cell phones, jewelry, and cash.  But things didn’t go so well after the victims managed to alert the

30 Dec 2013

Store Owner Shoots Back at Robbers, Police Response Slow

Dallas, Texas –  The owner of  Pepe’s Grocery and Deli Store owner on Bernal Drive in West Dallas, Texas, defended his store against 4 robbers back in May of 2013.  While this is “old news,” it does go to show how citizens can protect their lives and property when police

01 Dec 2013

Elderly Woman Dies in Gang Shootout, But Not Without A Fight

An elderly woman of 76 years named Dorothy Hendrix was the target of a gang related robbery and shooting in Anderson County, South Carolina. In the early hours of Saturday morning, Dorothy Hendrix was returning home from bingo when she was accosted by three gang members, two men and one

30 Nov 2013

Delbert Belton’s Murderers Wanted Dead By Murderers?

The violent death of Mr. Delbert “Shorty” Belton is one of the most disgusting displays of outright disrespect that I have ever had the sad displeasure of reading. This man was a decorated veteran of the last and bloodiest battle of World War II. Delbert Belton, 88, was wounded during

10 Nov 2013

Good Chicago shooting, finally

In Chicago, people aren’t normally able to defend themselves because of the laws that the Supreme Court continuously says are unconstitutional. Lawrence Bradley decide he was going to rob a store and for some reason thought to just walk in with a fake gun. The clerk went into the safe,

02 Oct 2013

Robber Dead: Store Owner Arrested?

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas: The headline reads “South Texas Store Owner Arrested After Killing Robber“. The question is do you have the right to use deadly force in the case of someone stealing a case of beer. As I read comments posted on the news websites, many people argue for the store

18 Aug 2013

New York PD Heart Attack Makers

“Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect” is painted on the doors of New York Police Department patrol cars. Either that promise failed miserably at 0500 on August 15, 2013,or one family’s version of the story is badly skewed. A  woman reported that she was punched in the face and her cell phone stolen.

28 Jul 2013

Criminals Really Are This Dumb

Every gun lover at one time or another has heard or said in defense of concealed carry, “You never see anyone try to break into a gun shop or gun show”. Now thanks to this moron, we actually have proof of what would happen. The Blaze reports that Derrick Mosley

27 Jul 2013

Alkapone Cruz-Balles…Parking lot Gangster

Around 6:30 p.m. on July 17th, a teenaged thug —-Alkapone Cruz- Balles—hijacked a Hyundai sedan from a Hilo, Hawaii parking lot. Wielding a knife, the scrawny 19 year old approached a returning shopper. He grabbed the man’s car keys, jumped in, and sped off towards a hot date with his

house repoed
26 Jul 2013

Coming Home to an Empty House

A young woman named Katie Barnett, a resident in the town of McArthur, OH comes home after being away for a couple of weeks, puts her house key in the door and it doesn’t work. She climbs through an unlocked window to get inside her home only to discover that her home had